Trump Budget Chief Shuts Down Consumer ‘Protection’ Bureau ‘Slush Fund’

The Washington Examiner covers the review of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s ‘slush fund.’

An educational “slush fund” used by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has come under the “strictest review” by acting director Mick Mulvaney amid concerns the Obama-era agency has been doling out cash only to Democratic cronies.

Mulvaney, President Trump’s budget chief who has been temporarily installed at the agency the president once promised to kill, is reviewing all spending by the troubled consumer watchdog created to protect Americans from big financial companies.

But the agency has been secretive about who gets the money, and groups such as taxpayer watchdog Cause of Action and the Competitive Enterprise Institute have been critical.

Cause of Action Institute, for example, has drawn attention to a $14 million CFPB contract with GMMB Inc., a powerful media consulting shop that has produced political ads for Obama and 2016 runner-up Hillary Rodham Clinton.

And CEI has dubbed the education kitty a “slush fund” used by the agency for political favors.

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