Trump Continues Successful Deregulatory Blitz with Repeal of CFPB Rule

In an op-ed for The Daily Caller, Edward Woodson cites “10,000 Commandments.”

The stock market is booming. Unemployment beneficiary numbers have fallen to a 43-year low.  Even the New York Times is acknowledging that the American economy “blooms.” These improvements do not happen organically, so President Donald J. Trump deserves some credit for helping boost the American economic engine out of eight-years of quagmire.

One of the leading reasons for the sudden boost in economic activity comes from the president’s willingness to reduce, cut, and eliminate job-killing regulations that shackled job creation during the Obama-years.

CEI estimated that the regulatory burden on the economy costs approximately $2 trillion a year, constituting a “hidden tax” of $15,000 per household. Thankfully, though, President Trump is reducing these costly regulations at a clip faster than President Ronald Reagan. The libertarian-leaning Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) reported that “large-scale regulations” have largely stopped in 2017.

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