Trump Could Rally GOP, Reward Voters with Paris Agreement Exit


Washington Examiner covers the possibility of President Trump withdrawing U.S. commitment from the Paris Climate Agreement.

If President Trump announces Thursday that he has decided to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement, the move would likely enjoy broad support among Republican voters.

Pulling out of the climate accord would also be seen as a reward to “Trump country”: voters in industrial states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin or rural areas where environmental regulations are viewed as economically harmful.

Myron Ebell, who led Trump’s EPA transition team, said placing the fate of the agreement in the Senate could provide Trump with political cover. He could fulfill his campaign promise and policy inclination to exit Paris, but explain to critics at home and abroad that there simply wasn’t enough domestic support to remain.

“The way this is portrayed right now, it’s President Trump against the entire world, he’s the only person who’s trying to destroy the planet,” Ebell said. “Once the Senate voted, it would be the Senate’s responsibility.

“I think actually it’s the easiest way to do that; it’s a way to share the responsibility rather than taking it all on the White House,” he added.

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