Trump Environment Order Scorned by Climate Activists and Skeptics

Voice of America discusses President Trump’s Executive Order withdrawing much of President Obama’s climate policy with Myron Ebell. 

On the other side of the debate, conservatives voiced concern that Trump’s Executive Order is fatally flawed because it leaves in place two pillars of Obama’s environmental policy: the EPA’s 2009 “Endangerment Finding” which gives the agency vast authority to enforce climate-related regulations on everything from power plants to vehicle emissions; and the 2015 Paris climate treaty.

“All these policies are closely connected and striking down most, but not all, of them will not be sufficient to undo the damage done by President Obama’s energy-rationing policies,” says Myron Ebell of the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute.

“Environmental pressure groups are already planning to file suit in federal court using the Paris treaty and the Endangerment Finding to stop Trump’s executive order on power plants from taking effect,” he said.

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