Trump has EPA on notice

CNN discusses changes in the Environmental Protection Agency under the Trump administration with Myron Ebell and Marlo Lewis. 

The EPA under a Donald Trump presidency will be everything he promised, according to a EPA action plan drafted by, Myron Ebell, a member of Trump’s transition team who’s also a director at the libertarian think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute.

A “wish list” for the EPA targets regulations such as those carbon emission rules that limit the amount of greenhouse gases allowed from power plants, and chopping $193 million in climate programs. The plan further calls for a change in how the EPA uses science, and calls for the agency to stop funding scientific research, over conflicts-of-interest concerns that the regulator should not also be involved with funding the science behind the regulations.

Marlo Lewis of CEI says the changes are welcome.

“It’s a good idea for a new administration that is thinking about a new direction for the EPA to want to take a pause, a time out, and just look at all of these first before spending taxpayers’ money,” Lewis said.

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