Trump ‘Least Regulatory’ President

The Washington Times discusses President Trump’s regulatory track record with Wayne Crews.

President Trump is the least regulatory president since Ronald Reagan. His administration has only proposed 1,241 rules, 13 percent less than Barack Obama’s first year, 42 percent lower than George W. Bush‘s, and 72 percent lower than Bill Clinton‘s,” reports Wayne Crews, the canny vice president of policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, who says that the current president prefers to regulate bureaucrats than regulate the public.

The Federal Register, which contains every government agency rule and notice, now stands at 45,678 pages. Last year at this time, then President Obama’s Federal Register contained 67,900 pages, and ultimate ended up with 97,110 pages for 2016, an “all-time record,” Mr. Crews says.

Trump’s focus on tax reform and cutting red tape is exceptionally good news for consumers, businesses and the economy. In recent years, I’ve estimated the baseline for the U.S. federal regulatory burden has amounted to nearly $2 trillion annually. This amounts to a hidden tax of nearly $15,000 per household in a given year,” he adds.

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