Trump Officials Eying Replacement for Key Obama Climate Rule

The Hill discusses the Trump administration’s possible replacement of the Clean Power Plan with Myron Ebell.

The Trump administration is planning to pursue a less ambitious, more industry-friendly climate change rule for coal-fired power plants as it works to scrap the one written under former President Obama.

Multiple sources familiar with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) plans say that as soon as next month, the EPA could put out a preliminary proposal for a rule to replace the Clean Power Plan.

“An inside-the-fenceline rule would comply with law and with the endangerment finding while still keeping President Trump’s promise to rescind the ‘Clean Power’ Plan. An inside-the-fenceline rule is not the ‘Clean Power’ Plan and will not cause utilities to close coal-fired power plants,” said Myron Ebell, director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s energy and environment center and leader of Trump’s transition team for the EPA.

“I think it is the appropriate action to take until such time as the endangerment finding is withdrawn,” he said.

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