Trump Regulatory ‘Red Tape’ Lowest in a Quarter Century, 35% Below Obama’s

The Washington Examiner covers deregulation under the Trump administration.

Adding to his administration’s success in cutting Obama era regulations, President Trump also issued the lowest amount of federal red tape in a quarter century, and 35% less than former President Obama in his last year in office.

According to regulatory watchdog Clyde Wayne Crews of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, red tape as measured by Federal Register pages dropped from a record 95,894 last year to 61,950. The last time it was so low was in former President Bill Clinton’s first year, 1993, and that was the record.

“This is the lowest count since 1993’s 61,166 pages. That was Bill Clinton’s first year, and his own lowest-ever count,” said Crews in a just-posted blog post.

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