Trump Says Water Efficiency Standards Mean Showers, Toilets and Dishwashers Don’t Work Properly

Newsweek cites General Counsel Sam Kazman on CEI’s dishwasher petition:

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a free market group which lobbies for consumer choice, petitioned the DOE in 2018 to revise dishwasher regulations and presented as evidence customer complaints about the appliances.

CEI general counsel, Sam Kazman, told Newsweek that dishwashers used to take one hour to produce a clean load and now “it is two and a half hours and the results are ‘neither clean nor dry.'”

“A lot of folks we have spoken to think they have bought a lemon of a machine and they have no idea that the root cause of this is not bad luck, but due to deliberate government regulation,” he said.

“On the one hand I think it is entirely natural for the president to take this up as an issue and I think the fact it is catching on like this in terms of public appeal is because it is really touching on the discontent that has been around for a long time,” he told Newsweek.

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