Trump the Most Anti-Regulation President Since Reagan

Opposing Views covers Ten Thousand Commandments by Clyde Wayne Crews Jr.

While much of President Donald Trump’s legislative agenda has been stalled by a gridlocked GOP-majority Congress, he has been able to dramatically reshape government regulation through executive orders. Trump’s penchant for decreasing regulations has been compared to the early days of former President Ronald Reagan.

Over four months into his administration, Trump has issued fewer regulations than any modern president and has rescinded several major regulations passed by former President Barack Obama.

An analysis conducted by Clyde Wayne Crews Jr. of the Competitive Enterprise Institute found that the Trump administration marked the sharpest drop in regulations since Reagan, the Washington Examiner reports.

“The drop between Clinton and Bush was dramatic, but otherwise last time we saw anything comparable to today’s reduction was when both regulations and Federal Register page counts dropped over a third under Reagan,” Crews wrote.

Between Jan. 20 and May 31, the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs implemented only 15 new regulations. During the same frame in former President George W. Bush’s first term, the OIRA approved 114 new regulations.

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