Trump Unveils His Pick to Head the White House’s Environmental Council

The Daily Caller cited Myron Ebell on the professional successes of Mary Neumayr as head of the White House council leading policy coordination on energy and environmental policy and the positive results that shall follow her appointment due to her merit.

President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday evening his intention to nominate Mary Neumayr to head the White House council that coordinates energy and environmental policy across the administration.

“Mary is a strong conservative with all the expertise and experience necessary to implement President Trump’s ambitious agenda to reform National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) permitting,” Myron Ebell, former Trump transition team leader, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Neumayr might prove more palatable for pro-ethanol GOP lawmakers, and could even get backing from moderate Democrats. Ebell said her expertise in streamlining infrastructure permitting makes her a good candidate for CEQ.

“The NEPA permitting process is being used by federal bureaucrats and environmental pressure groups to delay resource and development projects to death,” Ebell said. “Many major projects can now be stuck in red tape and then litigation for ten or fifteen years. Investors give up and move their projects to other countries where environmental permitting typically takes two to five years.”

“Fixing the broken NEPA process is a big challenge, and Mary Neumayr is a good choice to take it on,” said Ebell, director of energy and climate policy at the free market Competitive Enterprise Institute.

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