Trump Urged To Expose Bureaucrats’ ‘Regulatory Dark Matter’

LifeZette cited CEI’s Vice President for Policy and Senior Fellow Clyde Wayne Crews on regulatory dark matter.

President Donald Trump has slashed a lot of red tape since taking office, but most governing takes place out of sight, according to a new report by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) that urges him to expose routine decisions in the bowels of the federal bureaucracy.

Wayne Crews, who wrote the report, told LifeZette that legislation gets a great deal of attention because elected representatives debate it in the open. Formal regulations also receive scrutiny because they must go through a formal rule-making process that includes public comments.

But some of the most important actions affecting ordinary America by government are not subject to any of those rules. Crews calls these guidance documents, policy statements, memoranda, and bulletins “regulatory dark matter.”


Crews said the best approach would be for Congress to seize back some of the power it has ceded over the years to executive branch agencies that allow unelected bureaucrats to write their own rules. He noted that the House of Representatives has passed several reform bills intended to provide greater transparency and disclosure. But the Senate has not taken them up.

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