Trumponomics Differs From Reaganomics

Newsmax highlights Wayne Crews’s study on the decline of federal regulation during the Reagan administration.

Deregulation. Pages within the Federal Register, the official daily record of government regulations, skyrocketed during the 1970s and peaked at 73,258 during 1980. The page count declined during the Reagan administration to a low of 44,812 in 1986. It began to rise again during the Bush administration. It rose further during the Clinton administration. Now, the count is the highest in history, reaching 80,260 pages in 2015 under Obama.

These data were obtained from the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s helpful 7/14 analysis of the use of executive order powers titled “Channeling Reagan by Executive Order: How the Next President Can Begin Rolling Back the Obama Regulation Rampage.” It concluded: “The next administration will need to set the momentum for regulatory reform. An executive order like Reagan’s Executive Order 12291 is a start.” Reagan’s EO 12291 imposed a cost-benefit analysis upon agencies setting regulatory priorities.

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