Trump’s Agenda Faces Climate Deep State

The Washington Examiner discusses Trump’s climate change policies with Myron Ebell.

The Trump administration plans to repeal, reject and otherwise root out climate change policies that the president sees as undermining his pro-growth, America First agenda.

But a detailed look at climate offices embedded in agencies across the federal government show that it will take more than a stroke of the presidential pen to make that happen.

Myron Ebell, Trump’s former transition team leader at the Environmental Protection Agency, in the months before the decision to quit the Paris deal, has said the president’s advisers are “swamp creatures” — he cites Secretary of State Rex Tillerson — unlikely to help drain Washington’s climate quagmire.

Tillerson, with Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner, wanted to remain in the Paris deal.

Ebell serves as director of the Center for Energy and Environment at the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute, and has called loudly for Trump to backtrack from his campaign promises to repeal climate rules and agreements.

Endangerment findings

Although Ebell supports Trump’s agenda, he wants action to unravel the legal processes that drive climate change, which he considers as great a problem as its most immediate products.

One would be to roll back EPA’s “endangerment finding,” which lays provides justification for the agency to regulate greenhouse gases.

“You need to contact your members of Congress, and you need to make noise and, particularly the scientists here, that the endangerment finding needs to be reopened,” Ebell told the annual gathering of the Heartland Institute in Washington in March.

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