Trump’s Transition Chiefs Urge Him to Stay the Course On Auto Rollback

The Washington Examiner cited Myron Ebell in his signing a joint letter to the president urging him to stay on course in reforming auto emissions rules to ensure the continued legality of gasoline and diesal cars into the future against the opinion of many liberal California politicians.

President Trump’s former transition team leaders urged him on Thursday to stay the course on reforming auto emissions rules in meetings with automaker CEOs on Friday.

The transition chiefs don’t want Trump to be swayed from moving ahead with a plan at the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation to weaken fuel efficiency rules for cars.

They argue that Trump’s proposed plan to reform the Obama-era auto rules would better accommodate consumer choice, rather than proceed under a mandate to make cars that people do not want.

The letter was signed by both Tom Pyle and Myron Ebell, the two leaders of Trump’s transition team for the Energy Department and the Environmental Protection Agency, respectively, and Shirley Ybarra for the Transportation Department.

They warned that what “many liberal California politicians really want to do is ban gasoline-powered cars altogether,” which they noted is evidenced by a bill now before the California legislature to ban all models of gasoline and diesel cars by 2040.

Pyle, Ebell, and Ybarra want Trump to be unencumbered by these concerns and move forward with his administration’s proposed reform of the rules.

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