U.S. Reopens Harley Settlement, Cutting Funds for Pollution Reduction Plan

The New York Times covers the Harley-Davidson settlement recently changed by the Trump administration.

Last year the United States government fined Harley-Davidson $15 million for selling devices that shut down its motorcycles’ emissions controls — and said part of that money would go toward a project to reduce pollution from wood-fired stoves.

On Thursday, the Trump administration said Harley-Davidson was no longer required to fund the antipollution program, knocking $3 million off the company’s bill.

The Obama administration’s approach to such cases had already received criticism. In the Volkswagen settlement, conservative groups said the administration was exploiting the deal to increase public funding of electric vehicles without congressional approval.

“Having been twice spurned by lawmakers, the Obama administration leveraged the Volkswagen settlement,” groups including the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Americans for Prosperity said.

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