Unconstitutionality Index: Swamp Imposed 20 Regulations for Every Law over Decade

The Washington Examiner cites Vice President for Policy Clyde Wayne Crews on the “Unconstitutionality Index.”

In detailing his “Unconstitutionality Index,” Clyde Wayne Crews, of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said that the explosion of regulations shows the growing impact of federal agencies.

“The unchanged point and takeaway of the ‘Unconstitutionality Index’ is that the unelected personnel of federal agencies created in the latter half of the United States’ existence, not elected members of Congress, do the bulk of lawmaking in America,” he wrote on Forbes.

Overall, he found that in the last decade, Congress approved 1,707 laws requiring regulations to enforce them and that the bureaucracy set in place 35,177 new rules.

His index is an off-shoot of his annual look at regulation. In a report he issued earlier this week, President Trump was credited for issuing the fewest regulations in 44 years.

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