Verizon, FCC Face Off Over Net Neutrality: What You Need to Know

The Center for Democracy and Technology argued that Verizon's suit is "dangerous."

"By trying to paint this case as raising a constitutional issue, Verizon hopes to do far more than just strike down the Open Internet Rules; it seeks to completely wall off Internet access services – and possibly more – from any possibility of government oversight," CDT's David Sohn wrote in a blog post. "If the court were to accept the argument, it would instantly call into question roughly a century's worth of settled law on telephone over common carriage networks."

Wayne Crews with the conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), meanwhile, said today's proceedings "mark the critical culmination of a longstanding effort by FCC to expand power over speech and infrastructure in America in violation not merely of the Constitution and the rule of law … but of common sense, economic efficiency, and consumer welfare."