Warning: Biden’s Costly Overregulation Turns ‘Extreme’

The Washington Examiner cites Vice President for Policy and Senior Fellow Wayne Crews on President Biden’s Trucking Action Plan and Vice President Kamala Harris’ federal intervention in local schools:

As Obama, Biden, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were celebrating their Obamacare victory, the anti-regulatory Competitive Enterprise Institute issued a new report on Biden’s “obliteration” of Trump’s successful plan to kill two federal regulations for every new one.

“On Monday, April 4 alone, President Biden announced a Trucking Action Plan, while Vice President Kamala Harris announced massive new federal intervention in local schools,” wrote Clyde Wayne Crews, CEI’s vice president and chief regulation monitor.

“These two new national plans land atop prior interventions to carry out Biden’s ‘whole-of-government’ agendas in ‘equity,’ ‘climate crisis,’ and ‘competition policy.’ These are being embedded throughout the federal government, military, and the contracting galaxy that enriches the Beltway, with government’s heft being deployed in purchases and procurement as a lever to force the policies on the rest of the country,” added Crews.

“The torrent is so extreme one finds it difficult to keep up,” he wrote of the new gush of federal regulations on businesses and consumers.

The report from Crews is the latest warning that with Capitol Hill politically divided, the president is relying more heavily on putting his agenda in place via often hard to understand or even recognize regulations, just as Obama did when Republicans gained control in Congress.

Overlooked by the media, Crews is trying to bring attention to the administration’s pro-regulation efforts and moves to erase Trump-imposed accountability on regulations.

“The annihilation of Trump’s one-in, two-out, however, is only one of many instances in which Biden is undermining the ability of watchdogs to keep an eye on federal government mischief. The very concept of all-encompassing regulatory oversight has been eliminated by Biden,” said Crews.

Not surprisingly, he said, the federal bureaucracy was eager to reestablish itself after Trump left office.

“The takeaway is that no permanent retreat in the administrative state occurred in the wake of Trump’s stand-alone deregulatory agenda,” said Crews.

“The active and long-term rules in the pipeline signaled all along the shift that was to materialize with Biden, embodied now in whole-of-government’ interventionism with which Republicans are unprepared and unequipped to deal,” Crews wrote. “Politicians always say they’ll come to Washington to ‘get things done.’ We need to get things undone.”

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