‘Waste’ Disposal: EPA’s Defunded Children’s Health Centers Accused of Stoking ‘Junk Science’

The Washington Times cites CEI’s report by Senior Fellow Angela Logomasini:

Environmentalists were outraged when the EPA decided to cut funding to children’s environmental health centers, but a report released Thursday argues that the program is awash with political activism and junk science.

The study by the free market Competitive Enterprise Institute found that the university-based centers, funded jointly by the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, promote weak associations between health risks and consumer products to advance “agenda-driven science.”

“Lost in this melee is the fact that these centers do not have a measurable impact on children’s health or add much to the body of research on the topic,” said Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow Angela Logomasini. “In fact, many of the centers simply waste taxpayer dollars while funding junk science and environmental activism.”

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