What CEOs Still Want from Trump: A Deregulation Wishlist

The Washington Examiner discusses deregulation with Myron Ebell.

America’s CEOs have a long wish list for the regulatory rollback President Trump has promised to continue in 2018.

After delivering what the White House said was $8.1 billion in lifetime savings from reduced regulation in fiscal 2017, a period that included a little more than half a year of his administration, Trump pledged another $9.8 billion in the 12 months through September.

Here’s a look at what industries from finance to technology and energy want to see included:

Greenhouse gases: Libertarian and anti-climate change hawks are looking for Trump to continue what he started with the U.S. exit from the Paris climate change agreement by repealing the EPA endangerment finding that serves as the basis for all greenhouse gas emission regulations. A scientific ruling the agency made about a decade ago says greenhouse gases that alter the climate also endanger human health. It’s used by the EPA to regulate emissions from both stationary sources such as power plants and mobile sources that include everything from mid-size sedans to heavy-duty 18-wheeler trucks. The EPA was crafting a rule governing carbon dioxide emissions from aircraft when Trump was elected president. Myron Ebell, the energy and environment director at the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute and the environmental agency’s transition chief, fears that if Trump doesn’t rescind the EPA finding, the next administration could easily undo his accomplishments. Pruitt said Jan. 30 that he has no plans to address the finding at this time.

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