What We Can Learn From Britain’s Exit

Newsmax discusses Wayne Crews's annual report on the size and cost of federal regulations. 

Some regulations make sense. Most libertarians could accept the Labor Department’s new “Rules regarding confined spaces in construction: preventing suffocation and explosions.”

But much else is bonkers, as Competitive Enterprise Institute scholar Clyde Wayne Crews details in "Ten Thousand Commandments: An Annual Snapshot of the Federal Regulatory State."

  • The Energy Department is fussing with dehumidifiers, vending machines, wine chillers, pool heaters, and ice makers.
  • The Health and Human Services Department is readying “portion-size regulations for products such as breath mints.”
  • The EPA is waging a new War on Wood-burning Stoves.
  • Another rule fights dust on farms. Why not ban sand from beaches?
  • Unlike most regulations, which usually involve advance notice and public comment, the Obama dictatorship now suddenly issues “guidance letters.” These decrees have the force of law. Such “guidance” now limits auto dealers’ freedom to offer customers discounted car loans. This is how the Labor Department redefined many independent contractors as employees. Education Department “guidance” helps persecute innocent college men for acts of sexual harassment that they never committed. “Guidance” recently brought the transgender wars into local school bathrooms and locker rooms across America.

Last year’s 80,260 pages in the Federal Register will wind up in the "Code of Federal Regulations," which spans 237 bound volumes. Crews estimates the annual cost of federal red tape at $1.9 trillion or roughly 10 percent of GDP.

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