Why should only solar and wind get the tax credits? This industry wants in

Los Angeles Times discusses subsidies for the energy storage industry with William Yeatman. 

“We’re getting to a really tenuous connection,” said William Yeatman, senior fellow specializing in environmental policy and energy markets for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a free-market think tank based in Washington D.C.

“The subsidy for wind and solar energy is already an indirect subsidy for the energy storage industry,” Yeatman said, pointing to the intermittency of wind and solar — that is, how solar production slumps and when the sun isn’t shining and wind power wanes when the breeze isn’t blowing.

Deploying energy storage is designed to smooth out those peaks and valleys on the grid.

“It’s basically double-dipping,” Yeatman said should the energy storage industry receive a taxpayer-funded tax credit. “Those wind and solar subsidies are helping (the energy storage industry) too.”

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