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CEI Today: Margaret Thatcher, net neutrality, and reg reform

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CEI Today: Margaret Thatcher, net neutrality, and reg reform

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American Spectator: The Lady Wasn’t for Turning

Mrs. Thatcher recognized the great error of socialism. As she put it, the trouble with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money. She proposed a twofold solution. First, stop spending other people’s money. Second, give them the opportunity to earn it. In short, she sought to reintroduce liberal capitalism to the country that had once been at its vanguard — from the repeal of the Corn Laws to the Industrial Revolution.

Yet her one failure — to bring harmony to Britain’s raucous polity — is in fact a testament to her success. Let me explain.




9:45AM - 11:15AM

Rayburn House Office Bldg

What's Next for Net Neutrality & the Internet?

A Discussion & Debate

The Obama Administration’s Network Neutrality order awaits a late summer or early fall D.C. Circuit Court ruling on its legality. What does all of this mean for the future of all things Internet?

Emcee: Seton Motley - President, Less Government

Discussers & Debaters:

Phil Kerpen - President, American Commitment

Ryan Radia - Competitive Enterprise Institute


Gigi Sohn - President, Public Knowledge

Sascha Meinrath - Vice President, New America Foundation



Forbes: Congress Returns To Battle Gun Control, Immigration--And A Fat New Obama Federal Budget

Congress returned to Washington this week amid disappointing jobs data. Worse, multitudes that exited the workforce altogether aren’t even officially counted anymore. Economic recovery should be our absolute priority.

Now approaching $2 trillion annually, the “hidden tax” of federal regulation stands at over half the level of spending the president will propose. We need far fuller accounting for government’s presence in the economy than Obama’s budget: a regulatory budget to supplement the fiscal one.