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EPA Fracking Confession, JOBS Act, and Hate Crime Conviction

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EPA Fracking Confession, JOBS Act, and Hate Crime Conviction

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JOBS ACT - JOHN BERLAU JOBS Act and the Maxine Waters Test

CEI's John Berlau explains why the Senate should pass the JOBS Act:

But the question remains: once a bill has investor protections accepted by Maxine Waters, Barney Frank, and the Obama administration, what exactly do you need further protection from? The answer is that these Senators wish to protect the Wall-Street centric system of securities regulation enacted eight decades ago, when many households didn't have telephones, from any meaningful modernization for the age of the Internet. While Republicans are accused of being stuck in the '50s on cultural issues, it is fair to say that these Democrats are mired in the 1930s when it comes to entrepreneurs' accessing of capital.



Last Thursday, the Environmental Protection Agency conceded that preliminary lab results from samples taken from wells in Dimock, Pennsylvania indicate that drinking water there has not been contaminating by hydraulic fracturing drilling.

The news is embarrassing to both agit-prop film director Josh Fox and EPA. For the fabulist Fox, the Dimock lab results are yet another official rebuke of his terrible, fact-free, Oscar-nominated documentary Gasland.


HATE CRIMES & FREE SPEECH - HANS BADER Crimes Conviction in Tyler Clementi Case, Which Fueled Anti-Bullying Panic and Assault on Free Speech

A New Jersey jury has convicted Dharun Ravi of hate crimes in the Tyler Clementi case, which created a furor over bullying that led to legislation that endangers free speech on campus, and helped spawn a thriving “anti-bullying” industry that has enriched opportunistic consultants and self-proclaimed experts.



Saturday, March 31

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