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Immigration and CEI's Durbin Dollars

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Immigration and CEI's Durbin Dollars

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Florida Senator Marco Rubio is urging the Republican Party to tone down anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Research Associate Dave Bier says the senator is right to encourage the party to publicly recognize how the country benefits from immigration.

"Draconian regulations on businesses and human movement are not conservative. E-Verify and other laws like it won’t revitalize the economy or solve the immigration problem because the problem isn’t caused by a lack of enforcement efforts (see Obama), but by massively restrictive limits on legal immigration. Any successful candidate needs to recognize that prosperous countries are built by free labor markets, not walls keeping people out."


Durbin Dollars

Sen. Dick Durbin is responsible for new financial regulations that are pushing banks to introduce new fees for clients. CEI is encouraging people to send faux $5 "Durbin Dollars" to Sen. Durbin's office to protest these new fees.

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