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A Letter From CEI’s President

Dear valued CEI friend and supporter,

When Fred Smith founded the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) in 1984, he envisioned it being more than “just a think tank.” He wanted to build a full-service public policy organization that combined rigorous policy research with an activist’s ability to market, cajole, and litigate its research findings and principles into real-world policy change toward the expansion of economic freedom.

I am proud to say that CEI is home to some very bright and creative people who are not only passionate about how and why economic liberty makes us all better off, but love engaging the public and the media, building coalitions, talking to lawmakers, filing FOIA requests, suing the bureaucracy, and generally going the extra mile to defend free enterprise and limited government.

Whether you are considering sponsoring a table at our Annual Dinner, supporting the policy experts who apply timeless economic principles to today’s issues, or contributing to the advocacy of our Center for Law and Litigation, we feel honored by your decision to support us. CEI does not have an endowment fund, and your support enables us to raise the funds we need each year to underwrite our work as “one of Washington’s feistiest think tanks” (Boston Globe).

With thanks,

Lawson R. Bader