Stablecoins are unique types of digital tokens that have emerged out of the cryptocurrency revolution and have taken center stage in the debate about crypto regulation. Tied to the value of an asset or fiat currency such as the dollar, stablecoins were initially created to ease the trade between different cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges. Yet they have taken on innovative and beneficial new uses that both increase financial inclusion at home and provide vital assistance to those facing oppression and financial instability.

But as stablecoins gain prominence, concerns have arisen over risks they might pose to the financial system. This webinar explores the potential of stablecoins as a payment instrument, the inefficiencies of the current payment system, and the appropriate level of regulation that allows for beneficial innovation in this sector.

Date: April 14, 12 PM EST

Location: virtual

Host organization: Federalist Society

Speakers: John Berlau, Paul H. Jossey, Timothy Massad

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