CEI Book Event
featuring Iain

A Really
Inconvenient Election: Environmental
Catastrophes the Presidential Candidates* Should Know
About (But Probably Don’t)  

When it comes to party platforms,
green is the new black…or is it the new red-white-and-blue?  Between global
warming, sustainable energy, and other enviro-dogmas, there’s hardly room for a
sane point of view.  But here’s a new book that can help set things right:
Iain Murray’s The Really Inconvenient Truths: Seven Environmental
Catastrophes Liberals Don’t Want You To Know About – Because They Helped Cause
Them.  So come meet the author, and enjoy some excellent cocktails
and exceptional company!  (First twenty attendees get a free drink, cash bar
afterwards.)  Iain Murray will be
signing books, drawing raffle prizes, and making no electoral pledges.  And
that’s a promise you can take to a non-bailed-out

* We’ve invited most
of them. 


WHAT:     Book
party for author Iain

WHEN:     Tuesday,
September 9, 2008, 6:00 p.m.
WHERE:   The 18th
Street Lounge, 
1212 18th Street, NW,
Washington, DC

WHO:        Iain Murray &

RSVP:       [email protected] 

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>> View VIDEOS about the

The Really
Inconvenient Truths

Really Inconvenient Truths 2

The Really
Inconvenient Truths: Birth Control Pills

The Really
Inconvenient Truths: Ethanol

The Really
Inconvenient Truths: Forest Fires

The Really
Inconvenient Truths: Malaria

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