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It’s convention time again, and CEI will be at both the Republican and Democratic national conventions. Make sure you check in regularly at our Convention Coverage page for daily dispatches from Philadelphia and Los Angeles. We will be taking in the sights and sounds, the fetes and receptions, and the bombast and grandiloquence emanating from the quadrennial meetings of America’s two great political parties. Does the spirit of free enterprise live on in either? Check us out regularly to see what we discover.


CEI will be providing daily doses of reporting and analysis from inside and outside each convention. We will take you behind the scenes, revealing what goes on in those smoke-filled backrooms – or even if any smoke-filled backrooms still exist in this age of legal assaults on the tobacco industry. CEI will take you to the poshest parties and receptions, to the streets with crazed protesters, and to the floors of the conventions themselves to give you a sense of what’s really happening.

GOP National Convention

Philadelphia, PA

July 31-August 3


Democratic National Convention

Los Angeles, CA

August 14-17


Check in each day at for detailed convention coverage.

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