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Does the European Biotech Moratorium

Harm the Developing World?


The Problem of Import Restrictions on

Genetically Engineered Food


A panel of distinguished international scientists will discuss developing world experience with biotech crops and their extraordinary potential to help alleviate hunger and poverty. They will also discuss the impact of the EU biotech crop moratorium on developing countries and call on the EU to end the moratorium immediately. Speakers include:


Dr. Norman Borlaug (invited)

Nobel Peace Prize Winner, International Center for Maize and Wheat Research


Professor C.S. Prakash

Tuskegee University Center for Plant Biotechnology Research


Professor Diran Makinde

Vinda University School of Agriculture, South Africa


Dr. Ariel Alvarez-Morales

Center for Research and Advanced Studies, Irapuato, Mexico


T.J. Buthelezi

Biotech cotton farmer, KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa



Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Noon to 1:30pm


Decatur House

1610 H Street NW

Washington, DC

(One block north of the White House)


Lunch will be served.  For more information, please call Megan McLaughlin at 202-331-2271.

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