Uber, Instacart, Task Rabbit, and so on. The gig economy has become an essential way for many Americans to earn the extra dollars needed to keep their families housed, clothed and fed during these challenging economic times. For others, it’s become their full-time employment—putting together the right options for them, allowing them to combine flexibility, creativity and productivity.

Join the Philanthropy Roundtable webinar to hear about why the gig economy is working so well, what the latest threats are to its continued existence, and what devastating impacts there would be in curtailing it. Our speakers are all working to ensure that this new way of earning a living remains an option for those who need it most.

Host: Philanthropy Roundtable

Iian Murray, Vice President for Strategy and Senior Fellow, Competitive Enterprise Institute
Patrick Tuohey, Co-Founder and Policy Director, Better Cities Project
Jonathan Wolfson, General Counsel and Senior Policy Advisor, Cicero Institute
Debi Ghate, Vice President of Strategy and Programs, The Philanthropy Roundtable

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