The problems besetting the nation’s roads, bridges, tunnels, underground water pipes, and wastewater systems pose a direct threat to the health and safety of all Americans. From spectacular water main breaks to dangerous sink holes, the signs of decay are all around us. In a 2010 report, the U.S. Conference of Mayors projected that, over the next 20 years (2009-2028), $3.8 trillion would have to be spent rehabilitating the nation’s water and wastewater systems. Reversing the visible deterioration of our above-ground transportation networks will require a similarly huge investment.

With government agencies at all levels – federal, state, and local – strapped for cash, traditional means of financing infrastructure improvements are woefully inadequate to the task at hand. In far too many jurisdictions, antiquated procurement procedures effectively exclude innovative products and technologies from participating in the bidding process. These practices add immeasurably to the cost of restoring America’s underground water infrastructure and above-ground transportation networks. Recently, a number of organizations have published reports highlighting the necessity of reforming our nation’s infrastructure procurement policies, including the United States Conference of Mayors Water Council, National Taxpayers Union, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Through a panel of experts, the Competitive Enterprise Institute will show how opening up the competitive bidding process – at the federal, state, and local level – can provide much-needed relief to agencies and citizens alike.

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Bonner Cohen, Ph.D., Adjunct Scholar

Competitive Enterprise Institute


Gary Hoitsma, Managing Associate, Transportation Practice

Carmen Group


Delegate Justin D. Ready

Maryland House of Delegates



Marc Scribner, Fellow in Land-use and Transportation Studies

Competitive Enterprise Institute

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