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Join The Heritage Foundation for a panel discussion on Repealing the Renewable Fuel Standard and other Biofuel Programs. The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is a federal mandate that requires the use of ethanol in the nation’s fuel supply. U.S. biofuels policy is a case study in the unintended consequences of government intervention. In contrast to what politicians and special interest groups promised, biofuel policies have increased costs to taxpayers and drivers, had little-to-no impact on oil prices, hurt rural economies, and had unforeseen environmental costs. This panel will provide background on the RFS and other biofuels programs, analyzing the many harmful effects of these federal policies. Does the RFS reduce dependence on foreign oil? What impact does it have on food prices? What environmental harms are caused as a result of the RFS? Does the RFS actually hurt agricultural producers? The presenters will answer these questions and identify several critical solutions. Register here at The Heritage Foundation website. 


July 25, 2016
2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Reception to follow 


 Senate Visitors Center, Room 215
Washington, DC 20515 


Jack Spencer, Vice President for the Institute of Economic Freedom and Opportunity, The Heritage Foundation

Panel Discussion with:

Nicholas Loris, Herbert and Joyce Morgan Research Fellow in Energy and Enviornment, The Heritage Foundation

Marlo Lewis, Ph.D., Senior Fellow in Energy and Enviornment, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Daniel Simmons, Vice President for Policy, Institute for Energy Research


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