The behemoth of all regulations – antitrust – has reemerged this Congress as the political tool du jour. As the midterms approach, new antitrust legislation is being put forward almost weekly. In the last year, this includes the Open App Markets Act, the American Innovation and Choice Online Act, and the Competition and Antitrust Law Enforcement Act. While the purported target is Big Tech, these misguided proposals threaten consumer choice and privacy and bolster power at the Federal Trade Commission.   

Join CEI this spring for a private luncheon with Jessica Melugin, Director of CEI’s Center for Technology and Innovation. She will discuss the onslaught of antitrust legislation, CEI’s legacy working this issue, and our short-term response.

When: Tuesday, March 15th

Where: Union League Club

This is a private event. Questions? Email [email protected]

Jessica Melugin is Director of the Center for Technology and Innovation at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Her research focuses on technology issues including antitrust, online privacy, Internet taxation, telecommunications, social media content, and net neutrality regulation.

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