The Competitive Enterprise Institute invites you to a Congressional Staff and Media Briefing on EPA’s FOIA Scandals “Richard Windsor,” Gina McCarthy, and the Abuse of Power with Chris Horner, author of The Liberal War on Transparency and CEI Senior Fellow.

For more information or to Rsvp, please contact Myron Ebell at [email protected] or at (202) 331-2256.  

EPA’s FOIA Scandals:

“Richard Windsor,” Gina McCarthy, and the Abuse of Power

The Obama Administration and in particular the Environmental Protection Agency have stonewalled a number of Freedom of Information Act requests by the Competitive Enterprise Institute that seek to make public more details – in the form of public records – of the Administration’s global warming agenda, war on coal, carbon tax plans, and other anti-affordable energy policies.  In the past two years, CEI has filed a number of lawsuits to force the Obama Administration to comply with the law. 

Chris Horner will discuss what these FOIAs have discovered so far, including:

•    The use for official business by Administrator Lisa Jackson of an alias e-mail account under the name of “Richard Windsor”
•    The use for official business of private e-mail accounts by high EPA officials, prompting resignations
•    Ongoing attempts to conceal information by heavily redacting documents for impermissible reasons under FOIA, seeking to delay and deny access to information
•    Revelation of uncomfortably close relationships with officers of environmental pressure groups, and admitted efforts to conceal this
•    FOIA fee waiver requests are regularly denied to groups deemed unfriendly to this agenda, particularly CEI (which denials are overturned on appeal with equal regularity), but routinely granted to environmental pressure groups
•    The involvement of Gina McCarthy, Assistant Administrator for Air and Radiation for the past four years and nominated to be EPA Administrator, in the Richard Windsor scandal and other attempts to evade federal openness and transparency laws and policies.

Chris Horner

Christopher C. Horner, J.D., is a counsel and senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.  He is also director of litigation at the American Tradition Institute.  Mr. Horner is the author of four books, most recently The Liberal War on Transparency, published in 2012 by Threshold Editions, a division of Simon and Schuster.  He has filed many Freedom of Information Act requests to a number of federal agencies during the Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama administrations.    

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