The Obama Administration’s proposal to mandate a vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication system in all new cars is reportedly on life support at the more deregulatory Trump Department of Transportation (DOT).  A V2V signaling mandate has been criticized as outdated, costly, and lengthy; it could take 20 years or more to become fully effective.

Speakers will provide updates on this debate, including the trajectory of auto safety technologies and why extending the adjacent unlicensed spectrum band into 5.9 GHz is key to creating the “wider pipe” required for gigabit Wi-Fi networks. 



March 16, 2018


New America
740 15th St NW #900
Washington, D.C. 20005



Roger Lanctot, Director of Automotive Connected Mobility, Strategy Analytics

Danielle Pineres, Associate General Counsel, NCTA – The Internet & Television Association 

Mary Brown, Senior Director of Government Affairs, Cisco 

Marc Scribner, Senior Fellow, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Michael Calabrese, Director, Wireless Future Project, New America’s Open Technology Institute


Tara Jeffries, Tech and Telecom Reporter, Bloomberg Law

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