Philadelphia — Nothing really happens at conventions



Philadelphia — Nothing really happens at conventions. At least not anymore. That used to not be the case. Conventions were places where important matters — such as who would be the party's standard bearer — were hashed out.


But that hasn't been true for many decades. The presidential nominees now are known long before the faithful convene. The only really important function which a convention now serves is as the deadline by which a party must have coughed up its vice presidential nominee.


So there has been little real drama, with none expected for the week.


Which makes it hard for the 13,000 media folks desperate for stories. Because there really aren’t any. Except for the surfeit of journalists infecting the city. That is a story which the media have been covering.


There are only 2,000 delegates to the convention, a ratio of about 6 reporters for every delegate, all searching to cover an event which lends nothing of any significance to be reported.


Much reporting energy was expended covering the initial outbursts of organized protests, which kicked off Sunday morning. But there were no riots, no excitement, nothing of interest – nothing but rhetorical drivel worthy of the insipid slaver that is sure to be offered up inside the First Union Center throughout the week. Check out our own Andrew Grossman’s coverage of the protest and see what I mean.


If there is one thing to count on inside the convention hall this week, it is that anything resembling substance will be absent. Ideas have consequences, as Richard Weaver told us, and one of those consequences can be controversy. So in an attempt to ward off even the slightest hint of that, there will be no ideas presented other than “inclusion” and “children.” Hence the multi-hued assemblage of moronically-smiling youth which surrounded Laura Bush after her address Monday night. It had all the markings of a Bennetton ad.

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