CEI’s chemical risk work recognizes that technologies produced by a free and open market provide life-enhancing, and often, life-saving, benefits. Chemical products are used to keep our water and hospitals sanitary, produce our food, manufacture our pharmaceuticals, and provide for other vital needs. Of course, chemicals can pose health risks that must be managed, and market discipline is crucial to helping keep risks low while allowing the public to enjoy the tremendous benefits that come from chemical technologies. Yet access to safe and vital technologies and their continued development are threatened by anti-chemical activists who promote junk science and push for unwarranted bans and regulations that often do more harm than good. CEI’s research and advocacy plays a critical role in countering such misguided efforts, helping to curb regulatory excesses. We advocate balanced, science-based policies that allow consumers to benefit from technological development without significant public health risks.

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Angela Logomasini

Adjunct Fellow

  • Chemical Risk
  • Consumer Freedom
  • Energy and Environment

Myron Ebell

Senior Fellow

  • Climate
  • Energy
  • Energy and Environment