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New Study Debunks Myths About Bottled Water

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New Study Debunks Myths About Bottled Water

Trio of Videos Illustrate Threats to Consumer Choice

D.C., February 17, 2009—Recent
activist campaigns against bottled water have been filled with myths and
half-truths, and have been motivated more by environmentalist ideology than
evidence, according to a new study
released today by the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

“Public officials
around the nation and in Canada
are imposing bans and regulations on bottled water largely because of
environmentalist hype,” said CEI Director of Risk & Environmental Policy Angela Logomasini. “But our
research shows that the activists’ claims don’t hold water. Taxes, bans, and
other regulations on bottled water simply undermine consumer choice and rob
consumer pocketbooks promising little in return.”

and politicians advocating bans on bottled water have questioned everything
from the product’s safety and quality to its recycling rate and carbon
footprint. Along the way, opponents have tried to foster the impression that
bottled water is wasteful, unnecessary, unsafe or all three. Logomasini’s
study, Bottled Water and the Overflowing
Nanny State: How Misinformation Erodes Consumer Freedom
, refutes these claims with clear, persuasive

“The public has freely turned to bottled
water as an alternative to drinks with calories, for convenience, freshness,
and whatever other reasons they themselves find worthy,” wrote Logomasini.
“Misinformation spread by activists should not determine who can access this
product. People who do not like the product can make their own choices. They
should not have any right to make them for the rest of us.” 

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