Antitrust Action Will Sacrifice 2 Years of Trump Deregulatory Gains, Harm Consumers


House Democrats launched antitrust investigations into prominent technology companies, including Facebook, Google and potentially others. Separately, reports said the Trump Administration would split responsibility for antitrust probes between agencies, with the Justice Department reviewing Apple and Google and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) handling Amazon and Facebook. 

CEI Vice President for Policy Wayne Crews said:

“Today’s report shows House Democrats are poised to exploit a critical weakness in the Trump agenda, the president’s antitrust impulses. America’s dynamic tech industry is a critical part of our economic success and these misguided threats risk pushing an economy weakened by trade wars over the edge. If the Trump Administration doesn’t reverse course, it will sacrifice two years of deregulatory gains that have put Americans back to work and money in consumers’ pockets.”

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