Are Republicans and Democrats Really That Different?

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Washington, D.C., November 7, 2006—During election week in the U.S., the Bureaucrash Activist Network is releasing a video every day that pits the Democrats against Republicans that is in the style of the popular "Get a Mac" ads by Apple. We aren’t trying to sell a product – just the idea that both major political parties have more in common than they want voters to realize. They both want your money and more power at the expense of your freedom.

"These videos are intended to show that both parties are wrong on most issues," said Jason Talley, the Crasher-in-Chief of the Bureaucrash Activist Network. "Our solution is for everyone to decide these issues for themselves instead of some bureaucrat – or politician – in Washington D.C."

Each ad will highlight will highlight a different issue, on the following schedule: Religion (11/6), Limited Government (11/7), Federal Spending (11/8), Immigration (11/9), Corporate Welfare (11/10), Censorship (11/11), and Stem Cell Research (11/12). Viewers can see them at and on YouTube under the Bureaucrash video channel.

Bureaucrash is an international network of pro-freedom activists, and a project of the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Find out more online.

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