Biden EO on artificial intelligence rushes in with regulation rather than problem-solving: CEI analysis

Photo Credit: Getty

The Biden administration today released further details about the president’s executive order on regulating artificial intelligence. CEI Senior Fellow James Broughel, author of a new framework report on AI regulation, criticized the White House for failing to use a thoughtful approach to problem-solving.

Statement by James Broughel, CEI Senior Fellow:

“The Biden administration’s new artificial intelligence executive order is the kind of Ready! Fire! Aim! regulatory approach that has failed in the past, like when EPA and Congress rushed out ethanol fuel regulations before understanding the core issues. Those ethanol mandates unintentionally drove up food prices globally while failing to reduce greenhouse gases.

“Now, rather than consider the novel problems AI presents – and whether the government or the private sector would be better at solving any particular problem that arises — the administration is pre-committing to feel-good regulatory ‘solutions’ that have no basis in science or evidence. This scattershot regulatory approach is unlikely to address the specific, legitimate concerns people have about the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence.”