Biden ‘Leaders Summit on Climate’ Change to Pursue Impossible Goals

Photo Credit: Getty

On April 22 and 23, President Biden plans to convene an online Leaders Summit on Climate, live streamed for public viewing. CEI’s Myron Ebell criticized the summit’s unrealistic, economically damaging goals:

President Biden’s online global leaders climate summit promises to be just another episode in the ongoing charade of international action on climate. After thirty years and trillions of dollars spent on reducing emissions, global greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase steadily.

“It has been reported that before the summit begins the Biden-Harris administration will announce a second-round nationally-determined commitment under the Paris climate treaty to reduce U. S. greenhouse gas emissions by around 50 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. This goal will be impossible to achieve no matter how many trillions of dollars they waste and no matter how high they drive energy prices. 

“While China (with higher emissions than the U. S. and the EU combined) and India continue to build new coal-fired power plants to supply reliable and affordable electricity, the Biden-Harris administration seem determined to pursue an agenda that will cripple the economy and create widespread energy poverty in the world’s leading energy producer.”