Biden Seeks to Spend Hundreds of Billions in Taxpayer Money on Cars Very Few Americans Want

Photo Credit: Getty

WASHINGTON—President Joe Biden spoke today about electric vehicles in a speech at the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan. As part of his proposed “infrastructure” package, the President has proposed spending hundreds of billions of dollars on incentives to buy electric vehicles and charging stations across the country.

CEI senior fellow Ben Lieberman said: 

“While there is nothing wrong with Ford motor increasing consumer choice by expanding its offering of electric vehicles, President Biden wants to spend hundreds of billions of tax dollars on cars very few Americans want. In fact, he’s actually making life harder for the 97 percent who prefer gasoline and diesel powered cars and trucks.  From restrictions on domestic oil production to the cancelled Keystone XL pipeline, his administration has committed to energy and climate policies that can only spell bad news in the years ahead. The recent Colonial Pipeline incident shows the importance of a robust domestic infrastructure for liquid fuels, but that is not what we will be getting from this President.”

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