Biden’s FCC Nominees Mean Trouble on Net Neutrality, Broadband Policies

Photo Credit: Getty

President Biden’s nominees for key FCC posts will have a significant impact on consumer policy, says CEI’s Jessica Melugin:

“The policy implications of installing current acting Federal Communications Commission Chair Jessica Rosenworcel as Chair for the next term and adding progressive net neutrality advocate Gigi Sohn as a Commissioner will be significant. If confirmed, Democrats will have the majority at the FCC and will pursue the Biden agenda of reinstating investment-deterring net neutrality regulations and directing billions of broadband tax dollars.

“Consumers have benefited from the repeal of net neutrality regulations during the previous administration, but this changing of the guard could see that progress thwarted. The new FCC would also be wise to not repeat the mistakes of past government-allocation of broadband funding. Politically, these nominations will spur a rushed effort for confirmation in the Senate; hopefully Republicans will use the process to push back on harmful net neutrality policy and foolish broadband spending.”