British Government to Admit Imposing CO2 Limits Not Most Effective Way to Deal with Climate Change

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Washington, D.C., March 27, 2006—Tomorrow the British government will issue a new report on climate change in the United Kingdom, which is expected to refuse once again to impose carbon dioxide emissions limits on British industry.  It is a reflection of the reality that the Competitive Enterprise Institute has long pointed to in the United States and abroad.


“The UK is not willing to take the steps that liberal environmental groups are demanding because otherwise British jobs will be lost and the economy will suffer,” says Iain Murray, senior fellow in international policy at CEI and a native Brit.


However, the report is also expected to say that the UK is on track to meet its self-imposed goal of reducing CO2 emissions to 20 percent below that of 1990 levels. The question is how the UK could possibly achieve that goal since it is not on target to even meet the goals of the Kyoto global warming treaty, which would reduce CO2 emissions to 12.5 percent below 1990 levels.  


“If it is unwilling to impose economy-destroying emissions cuts on industry, then the UK will have to follow the US’s lead and concentrate on developing technological solutions,” says Murray.  “Wealth, knowledge, and resilience will provide the answer should global warming turn out to be a problem, not energy starvation.”


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