Bush Budget Missteps On Energy, Environment, Regulatory Reform

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Contact for Interviews:

Christine Hall, 202.331.2258, or Richard Morrison, 202.331.2273

The Bush Administration’s $2.57 trillion budget for fiscal year 2006 falls short on needed regulatory reforms, according to the free market Competitive Enterprise Institute.

CEI analysts are available for comment on budget provisions that impact environment, health, financial, and technology policies, including:

TSA Funding – Is a $1.5 billion tax on air travel a good way to improve airport security?

Amtrak – Is it a good idea to eliminate federal tax subsidies for the passenger rail service?

SEC Budget Cut – The SEC's budget was increased greatly over the past few years. Has the agency grown too burdensome to business?

FDA Budget Increase – Could ramping up funding for drug monitoring result in deadly over-caution?

R&D Budget Increases – Does federal spending on scientific research and development stifle innovation?

Energy Department Budget – Should taxpayers further subsidize uncompetitive energy sources?

For comments on these and other topics by CEI Experts, please click here.