Campaign Targets Unfair Political Assault on Bottled Water

Washington, D.C., October 20, 2008—A new petition drive demands that politicians not continue plans to ban the product for safety workers and consumers.  The campaign comes in the wake of a politically-motivated attack against bottled water, a study by an environmental pressure group designed to undermine confidence in the safety of the product.

“Just last week, the Environmental Working Group issued a junk science ‘study’ suggesting bottled water contains dangerous substances and is no better than tap; yet their own data supports the opposite conclusions,” said Angela Logomasini, Ph.D., Director of Risk and Environmental Policy at CEI.

This week, bottled water companies are meeting in Las Vegas to consider the future of the industry (see

The pro-consumer campaign——by the Competitive Enterprise Institute calls for individuals to sign a petition demanding the freedom to choose bottled water.

People most impacted by efforts to ban consumer access to bottled water include:

  • immuno-compromised individuals following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations to drink bottled water
  • rescue workers who need portable, sanitary water
  • sports and health enthusiasts who use bottled water to keep hydrated
  • anyone who simply enjoys convenience and portability of bottled water

“An easily accessible, calorie free option for hydration is critical for an on-the-go society, particularly for individuals with special needs, such as the elderly,  individuals engaged in sports, individuals participating in outdoor events, and individuals on the road,” said Logomasini.

The threat to consumers is real. The U.S. Conference of Mayors passed resolution last spring calling on cities to impose regulations, bans, and taxes. Chicago imposed a bottled water tax, and several cities have banned bottled water in government buildings. Salt Lake City has even denied bottled water to firefighters! Some health clubs are considering forcing their clients to drink tap water, shops are removing from store shelves, and restaurants are taking it off their menus.

“This is just another example of government regulators eroding our freedom,” said Logomasini. “If they succeed in banning and taxing water, what will they go after next?” “

FEATURED VIDEO: the political attack on bottled water

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