CEI Announces June Antitrust Conference

WASHINGTON, DC May 12, 1997– The Competitive Enterprise Institute is proud to invite you to attend RETHINKING ANTITRUST REGULATION: Reform, Repeal, or Retreat?

This compelling, one-day conference will bring together regulators, industry representatives, members of the media, and academics in fields of law and economics to examine antitrust regulation during the Clinton, Bush, and Reagan administrations, and to debate strategies for reform.

Featured speakers include:The Honorable Douglas H. Ginsberg,The Honorable Alex Kozinski,George Bittlingmayer, Malcolm Coate, Michael DeBow,John Fund, Andrew Kleit, William Kovacic, Robert Litan,Fred McChesney, James Rill, Charles F. (Rick) Rule,David Scheffman, William Shughart, and Robert Tollison.

Join us on Friday, June 27th at the National Press Club in Washington, DC for:


To register, or for more information, please contact Elizabeth Frazee at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

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